Horseback Riding in New Zealand

Horseback riding in New Zealand offers an opportunity to experience the unique biodiversity of the region as  you canter along its beaches and farmland. As one of the last areas in the world settled by humans, New Zealand’s isolation allowed it to develop a wide variety of wildlife, especially unique bird species. This diversity is best experienced by horseback, as is traversing the uniquely varied topography. The horses are well-suited home bred stock crosses of Thoroughbred or Appaloosa origin that can suit riders of any ability. Enjoy comfortable accommodations and fresh local food as you explore all that New Zealand has to offer.

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Enjoy magnificent scenery on the North Island horseback riding vacation in New Zealand

North Island Ride

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The sparsely populated islands of New Zealand have magnificent, unspoiled scenery and make a superb destination for a horseback riding vacation.  Our tour takes place just two hours out of Auckland so you can... Read more

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Guest Reflections

"The hospitality of the hosts -- feline, equine, bovine and human -- is unequaled! The social history, sighting of 36 different birds, hearing the political and agricultural perspectives richly enhanced my experience. This should be a MUST for any lover of"

Jacquie Berkshire

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