Horseback Riding in Wales

Horseback riding in Wales allows you to experience the exciting history and rural charm of this Northern European destination. Ride through green fields and hedgerows in the country’s maritime climate and feel a part of this modern Celtic country’s individual cultural identity. Although sharing a close political and social history with neighboring England to the east, Wales has a fierce loyalty to its own culture, with over 560,000 citizens of this bilingual country speaking a Welsh language.

The natural beauty of high mountains, steep forested slopes, undulating hills, fertile valleys and quiet lakes provides an unforgettable setting to experience by horseback. The Welsh and Irish Cobs and Thoroughbred crosses are strong and willing partners as you make your way through the varied terrain on what is sure to be an unforgettable journey.

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Welsh Mountain Trail- Equitours riding tour in Wales

Welsh Mountain Trail

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Horseback riding tours in Wales allow you to enjoy the country’s rich natural beauty: wooded mountain slopes, grassy knolls, rolling hills and fertile valleys. Villages and farmhouses nestle in the folds of this hill... Read more

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"We had three tour leaders and they were spectacularly knowledgeable (about environment, history of region, current events, horses) and friendly.  I wish I could have stayed longer! The trip by far exceeded my expectations.  And the pictures do NOT do the... Read More"

Michelle Cook, May 2011

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