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Northern Europe has a vibrant horse culture and some excellent places to ride with friendly, English speaking people, beautiful scenery and fine horses.  Irish horses are famous the world over and Ireland has ideal trails for riding, comfortable inns and wonderful mounts. If you are interested in jumping, there are extensive and varied obstacle courses where you can hone your skills. In Iceland the amazingly powerful, gated Icelandic horses, which have been perfected for over a millennium, will carry you smoothly over a fantastic landscape of hot springs, fjords, volcanoes and rushing rivers. You can also ride in Cornwall through the unspoiled English rural countryside.

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This trip in Cornwall allows you to explore the best of horseback riding in England.  Most of Britain is too built up to provide unbroken countryside for riding tours but this area is more... Read more

Here on the edge of the Arctic Circle man has not been able to tamper with nature much. The land is still unspoiled and little changed since the arrival of the first humans. There... Read more

The magical charm of the Emerald Isle makes Ireland an ideal destination for horseback riding. We have a wide variety of riding vacations from jumping to trail riding which have been well tested and... Read more

Scotland understandably attracts many tourists for its dramatic scenery and vibrant, picturesque culture. There are mountains shrouded in mist, a rugged coastline with deep fjords, forests and rolling, heather covered hills dotted with grazing,... Read more

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A Verdant Welsh Mountain Ride

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Guest Reflections

"We saw the operations of other outfitters on the trail. Don't ever think about switching outfitters. This family, Joon(father), Nicole (mother), Anita (tour leader and daughter) and her friend and assistant, Klemie, exhibit love and kindness to each other and... Read More"


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