TrudyandShooterMG_5768Trudy Trevarthen, originally from Alabama, is a Vanderbilt University graduate who spent 24 years in Germany where she worked as an English teacher, translator, veterinary assistant and castle tour guide. After a decade as an Administrative Specialist in the automotive branch, she spent the last several years managing a small ranch in Florida, raising the Florida heritage breed known as “Cracker Cattle”.

Trudy has been a horse fanatic all her life and a guest at the Bitterroot Ranch a dozen times over the past decade during which she has advanced from a novice to a strong intermediate trail rider under the tutelage of the Fox family. She loves the wilderness and endless expanses of Wyoming, especially when experienced on horseback, as well as hiking and winter sports.

In addition to her administrative office duties, Trudy is the Equitours consultant responsible for the rides in Vermont, Mexico, Bulgaria, Iceland, Australia and New Zealand.