horse riding in Mongolia

Gobi Grasslands Trek

Ride Overview

It is an overwhelming visual experience of emptiness and vastness to ride across the silent treeless steppe, completely devoid of fences, paved roads, power lines or permanent structures, stretching away into the distance with no trace of human activity except the pastoralists themselves, and their herds.

This well-designed trek while horse riding in Mongolia introduces a concept of practical and desirable travel. You will live with the horses and the camel carts in the great outdoors, choosing the life of the nomad. It is an active holiday calling for some effort, but with plenty of relaxation and pleasure.

You will drive south from Ulaanbaatar some 120-150 km over the treeless steppe. The head horseman will select some good riding horses among the hundreds available. Your gear will be moved from camp to camp on traditional wooden carts pulled by bactrian camels. Along the way you will pass nomadic herdsmen families. The human features of this open and vast landscape are perhaps the most interesting, since all families in the area are nomadic herdsmen. In the summer they move with their herds in search of green pastures. Our hosts in the area are themselves keen horse breeders, and compete in the different Naadam competitions. The Mongolian equestrian tradition is a living cultural heritage since the time of the Huns and Genghis Khan.

Ride & Horse Details

  • Horse Breeds:
    Mongolian Ponies
  • Trip Pace:
    walk and trot, some cantering
  • Tack:
    locally made English style
  • Weight limit:
    210 Ibs

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