Horseback Riding in Canada

Equitours offers contrasting opportunities for horseback riding vacations in Canada. One possibility is a riding tour in the beautiful maple forests of Quebec which is very reasonably priced and within easy driving distance from New England. The other is a unique trek with pack horses across the remote wilderness of the Yukon in the land of the midnight sun, wolves, moose, bear and caribou.

Quebec is next door to the US, but it still has the flavor of a foreign country on account of its large French speaking population and the retention of many French customs like the cuisine. You will wind through maple and oak forest on old trails made by lumberman which are fine places for some canters on steady Appaloosas and Quarter Horses using western saddles. This ride is very reasonably priced and the farmhouses where you stay are picturesque and comfortable. There is guitar playing and singing in the evenings with a convivial atmosphere.

The Yukon trip across virgin pine forests and rolling grassy meadows near the Arctic Circle is like no other in the Equitours program and for those who seek an adventure on horseback far from the civilized world it is a fabulous opportunity. This vast area is the kingdom of wild animals and you will travel independently of human contact except for one resupply by plane. The pristine rivers and lakes are full of fish waiting to be caught. On a journey of this kind unpredictable things are almost sure to arise. Participants take part in camp chores like collecting wood, pitching tents, cooking and loading the pack animals. The 13 day trip gives you time to adjust to the slower pace and closeness to nature of a bygone era. This is travel on horseback in its purest form.

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St. Lawrence Ride

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Horseback riding in Quebec allows you to explore rural country and follow logging roads made over 200 years ago, which now lead to picturesque little villages tucked away in the forest. This area has... Read more

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"If Zen can be achieved on a horse, it is on this trip that it happens. The host and his staff are caring, compassionate, professional horseman that exceed your expectations at every turn. This was truly an incredible adventure.... Read More"

Connie Huffman

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