Horseback Riding in Canada

Horseback riding in Canada is a very attractive travel destination for Americans as it is nearby and comparatively inexpensive. Most of the US is so built up with paved roads and fences blocking access on horseback that it is difficult to find unspoiled places to do a riding tour. Canada still has vast open areas without the scars of modern development, the people are friendly, and the scenery is beautiful.

Of course the original settlers were French and they have retained many of the cultural aspects of old France though they are all bilingual now. Visitors can still get the flavor of a European country without crossing the Atlantic. The St. Lawrence ride is not luxurious, but the countryside is lovely, the welcome most hospitable and the camaraderie is heart warming. It is easy to reach and a very good value for the money.

Horseback riding in Canada allows you to experience a feast for the eyes as you travel through the maple, oak and aspen forests of Quebec. The blazing colors are almost overpowering and the crisp air at that time of year is most exhilarating. If you have the time, a visit to Quebec City while you are there is well worth while. It is the only real walled city in North America and the old fortifications and buildings are impressive.

If you’re looking for a quick getaway to experience true adventure without having to travel too many days away from home, consider riding and traveling in Canada.

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Horseback riding in Quebec allows you to explore rural country and follow logging roads made over 200 years ago, which now lead to picturesque little villages tucked away in the forest. This area has... Read more

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"If Zen can be achieved on a horse, it is on this trip that it happens. The host and his staff are caring, compassionate, professional horseman that exceed your expectations at every turn. This was truly an incredible adventure.... Read More"

Connie Huffman

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